Children's policlinic No25 was opened 31.12.1988 for a medical support of the children's population in the residential districts: 'West-4', 'Krasny Bor', 'Sukharevo'. The policlinic gives traumatologic and stomatologic help to children of Frunzensky district. The policlinic carries out all scope of the out-patient help: all-clinical laboratory examinations, ultrasonic diagnostics, functional diagnostics, laser therapy, physical therapy, department of medical rehabilitation, acupuncture, balneotherapy, a speleotherapy, specialized help is given (cardiological, ophthalmologic, otolaryngologic, surgical). Within the organization of rational and effective system of delivery of health care, the emphasis on hospital-replacing technologies is strengthened: out-patient surgeries by the otolaryngologist are carried out. In the shadow of the decision on strengthening of children health , taking into account growth rates of diseases of children's age the major aspect is interaction of medical workers and parents. For giving parents the informed choice, special medical knowledge such schools as: 'Asthma school', 'The school of scoliosis ', ' School for parents of the children going to kindergarten ', ' School of healthy teeth’ , School of future parents function in policlinic', were preventive receptions on question of upbringing of a healthy child are carried out. The Center of consultation on questions of early age children nutrition functions too.